Create a Relaxing Atmosphere for Your Coffee Shop Business

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Create a Relaxing Atmosphere for Your Coffee Shop Business Decor

Planning Your Coffee Shop Business Decor

Although people may go to their favorite coffee shop for a variety of reasons, the coffee shop decor sets the tone for their visit. They may choose to socialize with friends, work on a laptop, grab a quick coffee to go, or just to sit and relax. The ambiance your shop offers can affect the number of customers who are drawn into your shop. If someone is looking for a quiet and cozy place to read a book with their fresh cup of cocoa or study with a hot latte, there are a few factors to keep in mind in order to make your shop the right place for them.

Choosing Your Color Scheme

If you’d like to give your coffee shop business a quiet and calming personality, sticking to a muted or earthy color scheme could help you out. A shop with stark, sterile whites or bright and festive blues, reds, and yellows may not give your business the right setting for relaxation. Shades that are darker or paler are a good place to start, but keeping everything in your shop to a hue that’s easy on the eyes will have the biggest effect on your atmosphere. Also, sticking to one general theme can be less visually hectic.

Comfortable Furniture

For a lounge type of design, the kind of furniture you decide on will be very important. You will probably want to keep a few standard tables and chair sets as an option, but focusing on couches, armchairs, and coffee tables will put the easy going ambiance on the right path. Comfort will be a priority, so try sticking to soft furniture rather than anything too stiff.

Lighting Techniques

Dimmer lighting has always been a key factor in setting a mood. Your baristas will still need a well-lit workspace and you may want to keep a few areas brighter for your customers who would like to work while they relax, but playing around with your lighting effects can have a huge impact on the feel of your coffee shop.

Coffee Shop Aroma

Inviting aromas have always had a major affect on people, and the scent of rich coffee and baked goods are no exception. Adding to the natural scent of your coffee shop without creating an overpowering fragrance will not only lure people in, but could increase sales from your pastry display. Whether you have an oven on site to make freshly baked goods or you add some artificial air fresheners to your shop, appealing to all of your customers five senses will perfect your ambiance.

Putting a general theme together can create a unified atmosphere in your coffee shop. It may not always be possible to maintain a bright business-like atmosphere while nourishing a warm and cozy feel at the same time, but choosing a theme and sticking to it may give your coffee shop a better overall mood and d├ęcor.

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