To Franchise or not To Franchise?

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Should I Consider A Coffee Shop Franchise?

Looking into a coffee shop franchise may be an option for you if you want to get into the coffee business. There are a few things to think about if this is an opportunity you decide to take.


In running a coffee shop franchise, you will never be alone. The franchise company wants you to succeed because they’re invested in your shop too. You’ll have the chance to see how an established shop runs then your franchise coach will come to your store to get you set up as well.


If you’re new to the coffee shop business, the training a franchise company could be invaluable. They will educate you on the products you will be selling, ordering supplies, and how to manage your staff. This could be a huge benefit for you if you have no previous coffee shop experience.


A coffee shop franchise might already have a name people recognize. This could be excellent in encouraging more customer flow, or you could find it bothersome that you don’t have the freedom to create your own name for your shop.

Start up money

The amount of money you will need up front for a coffee shop franchise could be a deterrent for you. You will need quite a bit of start up money, and you will have additional expenses later on. It may be less expensive to open your own shop if you decide the support from a franchise may not be worth the cost.


Unless you have no interest in decision independence and personal creativity that come with owning your own shop, you may consider the regulations imposed by a franchise company a downfall. Your shop will have to look and run the same as the others in the franchise and there will be rules and regulations you’ll need to follow. Of course, each company is different and will vary in what they expect from you. If one franchise company doesn’t appeal to you, it could still be worth it to look into a few more.

A coffee shop franchise has benefits for both parties involved as you have the support of an established company while they get a percentage of the profits from your particular store. This may be a perfect opportunity for you if the guidelines of the franchise company suit your specific needs.


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